Need more proof that an It's A Mystery show is a guilty night of fun? Here's the evidence...

Q: So, it's a murder mystery?

A: We call an It's A Mystery show a 'comedy whodunit' because you'll be laughing so much at our outrageous characters you may not even care which one of them is a cold-blooded killer!

But, if your serious about justice, there's still an intriguing crime to solve.

Q: Does the audience participate?

A: Your not required to read lines, or play a part, but you are encouraged to relax and have fun!

Some choose to roll up their sleeves and wrestle with the clues, others simply sit back and laugh at the characters as they hilariously squirm and dodge intense questioning while pointing fingers in each other's direction.

Our performers interact with the audience frequently during the show, but are pretty skilled at recognizing who likes attention and who doesn't.

Q: How does it all play out?

A: Our show plays out in 3 acts, typically, over dinner. During salads or cocktails, rumor and innuendo abound as our characters mingle and meet your guests.

When the show starts, a victim is discovered and the investigation begins. Clues and evidence are passed out for review during the main course, with guests encouraged to question suspects.

After dinner, the plot twists, passions overheat, and the lies and laughs grow.

Over dessert, guests choose a suspect. And finally, the murderer is revealed!

Q: What does 'It's A Mystery' provide for private bookings?

We provide event programs, clues, and solution ballots.

We also coordinate with your host-site, and your caterer to develop a timeline that ensures that your guests are being fed or entertained at all times.

Our shows can fit into most agendas, varying crowd sizes, and most age groups, with the regular running time being 2½ - 3 hours.

Q: Where do/will you perform?

We're located in the Quad-Cities of Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline, Illinois.

Our public performances are staged at Skellington Manor Event Center
- 420 18th St. in Rock Island

We typically play within an hour's drive, but consider any proposal to travel for a show, though additional fees may apply.

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